Functional Testing

Thorough functional testing in Winslow, Buckingham

If you require functional testing to help translate results into appropriate diet and lifestyle recommendations  My Nutrition Matters can help. Contact me in Winslow for more information.

Functional testing

Functional tests may be recommended in clinic to establish potential biochemical imbalances, whilst ascertaining how well the different systems in the body are working. Functional testing is useful in identifying what may have contributed to health issues and are useful for measuring nutrient levels, allergies, hormone levels etc. Functional testing can offer additional information and compliment any medical tests that a Health practitioner offers, which usually focus on the presence of markers of diseases. Translating results into appropriate recommendations - where required specific laboratory tests may be recommended during a consultation as their results help to develop individualised nutrition and lifestyle programme to enable a more focused advice around dietary lifestyle and the use of supplements in order to achieve targeted results.
  • The cost of any supplements or tests is additional
  • Where tests may be available on the NHS, patients will always be referred to their GP first
  • The majority of samples can be taken at home using a kit with instructions
  • The tests may use urine, blood, hair, saliva or stool samples depending on the particular type of test
  • Occasionally you may be asked to attend a private laboratory to provide a blood sample for testing
A functional test may be recommended from one of the reputable laboratories listed below:
  •     Genova Diagnostics
  •     The Doctor’s Lab
  •     Biolab
  •     Metametrix
  •     Red Apple
  •     Regenerus
  •     Great Plains Laboratory
  •     CYREX
  •     Nordic Labs
  •     Doctors data
Nutritional therapist
testing equipment

Tests available


  •     Comprehensive stool analysis and Parasitology
  •      IBS status
  •      Intestinal permeability
  •      SIBO
  •      Allergy testing
  •      Food intolerance's/sensitivity tests


  •     Adrenal stress test
  •     Thyroid health
  •     Sex hormones
  • Amino Acid Profile
  • Fatty Acid Profile
  • Organic Acid Profile
  • Vitamin D
  • Chronic Fatigue Screen
  • Cardiovascular (CV) Health
  • Bone Resorption (Osteoporosis)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Multiple autoimmunity reactivity screen
  • Joint Autoimmune Reactivity screen
  • Genetic profiles
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