George Lant 
"When I started my journey with MY NUTRITION MATTERS my goal was to live a healthier lifestyle and to learn how to look after my body by eating the  right kind of foods, and understanding how to put healthy meals together and snacks that were easy to do and tasty. I I also lost weight in the process which wasn’t the main goal for me but I am still very happy with what I have achieved. The sessions were so interesting and informative I have learned so much from them. Coming to MY NUTRITION MATTERS has changed  and improved my health as I feel so much better as well as improving lifestyle; I don’t think I could have done it without the support and advice from Jo!”
Kerry Charlton
“I contacted MY NUTRITION MATTERS after suffering with extremely 
itchy hives during the summer and increased symptoms of an allergic 
reaction. I felt really tired all the time and unwell, as well as suffering 
from bloating, low mood and soreness in my stomach. I was told by my GP, to control the symptoms by antihistamines, however the symptoms still continued. 

Jo recommended some simple dietary changes, which were easy to implement  and within just a few weeks my hives had disappeared and I felt a huge improvement in my energy levels and stomach symptoms. Jo gave clear explanations of what would work and why, which helped me understand the importance of eating unprocessed, natural foods, helping me follow her advice. I now understand how to reduce my histamine levels through diet and understand what foods are beneficial to improving my health. I took some additional supplements over a 3 month period and could stop taking the antihistamines due to an improvement in my symptoms. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Jo, she is extremely knowledgeable and  her approach is individualistic, tailored specifically to each person. I am so happy that I contacted her.”
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